About Us

Welcome to continental Europe’s largest English language theatre

Who we are and how we got here

The largest English-speaking theatre in continental Europe is not located in Stockholm or Amsterdam but in Frankfurt, Germany’s most international city! 40plus years after its founding, (RheinMain Geburtstagsbeitrag) bithe English Theatre Frankfurt (ETF) is a major player in the Rhein-Main region’s cultural scene and a popular meeting point for the Frankfurt society. Society starlets, financial elite, expats, lovers of the English language, musical fans, and schools with their highly diverse students  (ETF Education) make up the English Theatre’s crowd. Each year more than 70.000 visitors enjoy ta mix of theatrical classics, relevant plays, witty comedies and musicals – West End quality in the midst of Mainhattan.

The theatre’s cozy James bar  makes a visit to the ETF an all-round experience – not only for theatre goers. All guests are welcome to mix and mingle before and after the performances, meet the cast members for a glass of wine or enjoy one of the many special events the ETF offers, next to its theatre productions. Therefore, it is a perfect meeting point that makes networking in the Rhine-Main-Region easy.


Producing across The Channel

International cultural exchange

The English Theatre Frankfurt engages in a balancing act, producing on both sides of the English Channel: Castings and rehearsals take place in London (or Santa Barbara, California, in the US), exclusively with English native speakers. This ensures that the productions are not just German ‘Regietheater’ in English, but are created entirely according to Anglo-American theatrical standards, with a lot of British humour and an American flair for show business. After the show is cast, it takes shape during a three- to four-week rehearsal process in London. Then, the production transfers to Frankfurt. In the last two weeks here, the British (or American) creative team and cast and the Frankfurt-based team come together during an intensive creative process which culminates in a spectacular red-carpet opening night.

Educational Outreach Program

The guests from tomorrow learn to love the English language
As the only privately run theatre in Germany that funds an educational programme, we are proud of having offered pedagogical events for young theatre audiences for over 15 years. This has allowed schools to develop a lasting commitment to the ETF. Our different programmes (matinees, Plays for Young Audiences, talkbacks, educational material, workshops, creative projects) are developed by our educational department and often include native English-speaking actors or creatives. The students learn in a playful way how to be at ease in a foreign language, how to develop stage presence and self-esteem, and how to stand their ground when interacting with others. Theatre is a cultural medium in which young people from highly diverse backgrounds can express themselves and get to know each other as equals. An enjoyable link is made between intercultural learning and the social integration of young people from non-native backgrounds. English is a neutral language that unites students of all nations. But above all, as an extracurricular learning space, theatre is fun!

What people say

Oscar Wilde’s grandson Merlin Holland: 
“I can’t think of another English-speaking theatre in Europe which has the same reputation, and which has had such enormous success as this one in Frankfurt has. I feel that the English Theatre – bringing English theatre to Germany – is extraordinary.”  

Frankfurt’s Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann on the occasion of the ETF’s jubilee streetcar launch: 
“Frankfurt is the most international city in our country – the English Theatre is not just part of it, it is an expression of our attitude to life. […] It is not only a point of contact for Frankfurt’s citizens with an international background, but also for several thousand students every year.”