Words in Action

Season Project for Haupt- and Integrierte Gesamtschulen

Language Practice and Culture Competence Training

Target group: Students Grade 9

Project objectives
Oral and written foreign language training in a cultural institution and real-life settings


The English Theatre provides

• Locations and fictional objects to be explored and described
• Meeting Theatre personnel with different responsibilities
• Settings and spaces to be used for role plays and oral training
• Events and actions to be observed and described: rehearsals, press conferences, performances, technical operations etc.
• A stage for performing

Booked for 2013/2014 by IGS Nordend and IGS Herder Frankfurt

Inquiries and applications for 2014/2015:


• Interviews
• Reports
• Photoshoots
• Diaologues
• Essays
• Reviews
• Comments
• Scenic Action


Enlarging word-power, building up trust and fluency of oral performance, providing students with knowledge about work in a theatre, increasing academic curiosity, supporting self-confidence and cultural participation.

Principles of Organization

• We employ theatre pedagogues and language teachers who create tuition material and prepare the situational structures for the learning arrangements.


• Units are planned and organised in cooperation with the school teachers. The outcomes will be discussed and evaluated.


• Students will visit the English Theatre 8 – 10 times per season for practical work and collecting material. They do research, attend rehearsals, visit shows as well as doing interviews , enjoying role play and acting.


• The outcomes are continuously evaluated. The completion of the project will be documented by written texts, photos and presentations at school.