Living with Lady Macbeth

A DramaClub production of the play by Rob John

Playing from 8th – 15th July 2016 

Everybody thinks Lily Morgan is very ordinary and rather dull. They are all wrong. 

Lily Morgan is one of the millions of girls in the world who are hardly ever noticed by people. She is one of those who never get into the in-crowd, who are thought to be dull, unattractive, untalented and totally ordinary. Perhaps we all have days when we feel like Lily and perhaps we too dream of one day doing something remarkable and proving everybody wrong.

The play flies backwards and forwards in time and space to present the central character`s dreams and fantasies. Lily loves Lady Macbeth, a power-mad, blood-thirsty, unstoppable character, representing everything that Lily is not, and secretly is. Lily is determined to audition for this part in a production at her school, as she is tired of always being behind the scenes, of being ordinary and reliable.


Ein kunstvoll – Projekt mit Schülern der Peter-Ustinov-Theatre School Frankfurt, der Maria-Ward-Schule Bad Homburg und Mitgliedern des Drama Club am English Theatre Frankfurt.

Gefördert durch den Gemeinnützigen
Kulturfonds Frankfurt Rhein-Main,
die Magarete-Bonifer Stiftung und
die Peter-Ustinov-Stiftung.