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I‘ve hungered for your touch a long, lonely time.

German Première 

Ghost – Nachricht von Sam – The Musical

A musical with book and lyrics by Bruce Joel Rubin and music and lyrics by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard.

Based on the phenomenal Oscar-winning movie that captured the hearts and imaginations of a generation back in the 90s. 

15th November 2014 – 29th March 2015


John Addison Sam Wheat
David Allwood Minister
Jonathan Bourne Clinic Ghost
Katrina Dix Ortisha
Hannah Fairclough Louise
Hannah Grover Molly Jensen
Raquel Jones Clara
Claudia Kariuki Oda Mae
Fergal McGoff Subway Ghost
Marios Nicolaides Willie
Aaron Sidwell Carl Bruner
Biancha Szynal Mrs. Santiago

Creative Team

Director Adam Penford
Musical Staging Lee Proud
Musical Director, London Tom Attwood
Musical Directors Ralph Abelein & Stephan Ohm
Set Designer Tim McQuillen
Costume Designer
Sabrina Cuniberto
Lighting Designer Matt Daw
Sound Designers Stephan Weber & Max Pappenheim
Video & Projection Designer Duncan McLean
Video programmer
Salvador Bettencourt-Avila
Stanley Orwin-Fraser
Assistant Costume Designer Melanie Schöberl
Casting Director
Marc Frankum

Molly is a sculptor who wants to hear those three magic words. Sam is a banker who has trouble spitting them out. A brutal twist of fate separates them when Sam is killed, apparently in a mugging. But while Sam has left his body behind, he has not departed the earth entirely. His spirit remains in limbo, able to move about the world but saddled with the usual ghostly handicap of invisibility. He is also inaudible to all but the psychic Oda Mae Brown, whom he enlists to protect Molly from the evil plottings of his “best friend” and the thug his friend is conspiring with.
Die Bildhauerin Molly möchte natürlich auch endlich diese drei Worte hören, ihrem Freund, dem Banker Sam gehen sie aber nicht über die Lippen. Ein Raubüberfall zerstört das Glück der Beiden. Es dauert einen Moment, bis Sam realisiert, dass er getroffen und tödlich verwundet wurde. Fortan wandelt er als Geist durch New York City, unfähig in die Geschehnisse einzugreifen. Bestürzt erkennt er, dass sein Tod kein Unfall war. Nun ist Molly in Gefahr. Mithilfe des Mediums Oda Mae versucht Sam Kontakt zu Molly aufzunehmen und sie zu schützen. Er muss seinen Mörder zur Strecke bringen…


Genuine theatrical magic. BBC radio

A dazzling display of undying love. Resistance is futile. The Times

Genuinely moving, brilliantly funny. Sunday Telegraph

I was absolutely enchanted by the magic of Ghost. Simply sensational. Stupendous! Dame Judi Dench