Cuckoo’s Quiz

1. What animals does McMurphy compare the patients to?
2. Which of the following symbolizes Bromden’s insanity?
3. What is McMurphy’s first complaint to Nurse Ratched?
4. What is McMurphy’s excuse for breaking through the glass of the Nurses’ Station?
5. What punishment do McMurphy and Bromden receive for fighting with the aides?
6. What does McMurphy do to Nurse Ratched after Billy commits suicide?
7. How does Chief Bromden leave the hospital?
8. Who eventually kills McMurphy?
9. The mental patients are divided into two groups. What are these groups called?
10. Which two medical treatments are sometimes given to a patient if he rebels?
11. How do the other patients describe Nurse Ratched to McMurphy?
12. Who is the narrator of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest?
13. What is Chief Bromden’s nickname in the hospital?
14. What does everyone in the hospital believe about Chief Bromden?
15. How does McMurphy describe the meeting in which Harding is verbally attacked by the other patients?
16. What does Nurse Ratched use to assert his power in the staff meeting?
17. After the success of the film adaptation, what actor became forever associated with McMurphy?
18. What kind of party does McMurphy throw in the ward?
19. What bet does McMurphy make with the other patients?
20. What happens to Billy Bibbit?
21. What does McMurphy arrange for Billy Bibbit?
22. How is Doctor Spivey controlled by Nurse Ratched?
23. What does Harding mean when he confesses to McMurphy that she is different?
24. Why does Billy Bibbit commit suicide?
25. Why is Billy Bibbit in the hospital?
26. Who is the author of the novel on which the film is based?
27. What year did the film version win the Academy Award?
28. On his first morning on the ward, McMurphy does something simple that shocks the other patients. What?
29. McMurphy gets herself commited to get out of her sentence on the prison work farm. On what charge was she convicted?
30. What does the Chief call the huge conspiracy that controls everything?