1. At the beginning of the play, how does Frederick feel about his ancestor Viktor Frankenstein?
2. Who is Elizabeth?
3. Where is Victor Frankenstein´s castle?
4. When meeting Frau Blucher and Igor, Frederick presents them with a challenge, in order to distance himself from his grandfather. What does he want?
5. In which way does Igor know the Frankenstein family?
6. Why did Igor hire Inga? Choose the explanation that fits best.
7. Who smokes cigars and plays the violin?
8. When Frederick learns the truth, he is convinced that he can iron out his grandfather´s mistakes when bringing someone back to live. Which body part plays the main role?
9. Upon being asked whose brain was obtained, Igor confesses that the brain he supplies belonged to whom?
10. How does Frederick try to convince the villagers of his monster´s innocence?
11. After being abducted, Elizabeth starts to show interest in the monster. Why?
12. When the monster leaves Elizabeth, he is lured back to the castle by Frederick. How?
13. Frederick believes that the monster is dangerous and decides to take matters into his own hands. What does he do after he lured the monster back to the castle?
14. At the end of the play, one of the characters stays single. Pick the correct character.