1. Name the current relationship status between Kendra, Scott, and Jamal.
2. Why does officer Larkin refuse to give Kendra information about her son´s whereabouts, but in contrast tells Scott all he knows?
3. From Kendra´s point of view: Why does officer Larkin ask about Jamal´s criminal record in such detail?
4. Scott uses slang and Kendra reacts aggressively. Choose the most fitting answer why.
5. Why is Scott worried about his son exploring his identity as a black person? Choose the most fitting answer.
6. Who else besides Jamal was in the car when stopped by the police?
7. Choose the right message portrayed on Jamal’s sticker.
8. Why does Kendra say: “Jamal feels like he’s “the face of the race”?
9. Why does Scott think that Jamal is walking through his world and not Kendra´s?
10. Why is Jamal angry at Scott?
11. What is the content of Scott´s brother´s text message?
12. Lieutenant Stokes behaves disrespectfully towards the Connors, because…
13. How did Jamal get killed?