1. After being too late for Richard the II, what does Nigel want the Bottom brothers´ next play to be about?
2. Why does Nick dislike Shakespeare?
3. Describe which sentence describes Shylock best.
4. Nick takes money out of his and Bea’s money box. Why?
5. Who inspires Nick to write a musical?
6. Nick and Nigel end up losing Lord Clapham as their patron. Why does he remove his patronage?
7. Bea wants to make some extra money. Why is she not allowed to act in Nick’s play?
8. Brother Jeremiah is a Puritan and he despises the theatre. Why?
9. Nigel falls in love with a Puritan called Portia. What do the two of them have in common?
10. Bea disguises herself as a man to earn better wages. What job does she take on?
11. Nigel attends Shakespeare’s party with Portia. Why did Shakespeare invite him?
12. What does Shakespeare find out from his spy?
13. Shakespeare disguises himself as an actor and takes a part in Nick’s play. Why?
14. Who tells Nigel to write from the heart?
15. Brother Jeremiah discovers that his daughter is in a love affair with Nigel Bottom. What does he catch the two of them doing?
16. Why does Nick insist that the play must be breakfast-themed?
17. Nick and Nigel end up in court for their musical. What stops the Master of Justice from sentencing them to death?
18. What are the Bottom brothers sentenced to instead of the death penalty?
19. In America, people are excited to see the Bottom brothers’ musical. What is the story they end up being successful with?