1. At the beginning of the play Lord Byron´s descendants burn his memoires. Why?
2. Why is Daniel the one who gets to burn the documents?
3. Who teaches Daniel to read and write?
4. What is his teacher´s reason to help him read and write a diary?
5. What is peculiar about the dead Mr Murray?
6. What happened between Daniel and Alistair Crookes when they first met?

 Choose the most correct answer: What is the real reason Charlie visits the club?

8. After Daniel finally manages to open Murray's suitcase, he finds a notebook titled "Notes on the Vanishing Room" and something else. What else does he find?
9. How does Jessica identify the stabbed man as Charlie?
10. Which one of the servants could remember everything in 2023?
11. What does the "Vanishing Room" allow the members of the club to do?
12. Why does Billy betray Daniel in revealing his secret to Charly?