Saturday Night Fever

A musical by Robert Stigwood and Bill Oakes (book) and Bee Gees and others (music)

2nd November 2013 – 16th February 2014


I Act – 70 minutes
Intermission – 20 minutes
II Act – 60 minutes


Music loud and women warm, I’ve been kicked around since I was born...

Our production of Saturday Night Fever re-creates the schizophrenic atmosphere of the 1970s: from the disgrace of Watergate to the humiliation of the Iran hostage crisis, from the killing fields of Vietnam to the mean streets of Brooklyn, the 1970s were a turbulent time where the American Dream seemed to be falling apart.

At the heart of this blue-collar teen drama is Tony Manero, a 19 year old Italian American caught in the grip of an economic crisis not unlike our own. Unable to contend with the lack of opportunities and the dead-end racial, ethnic and gender hatreds around him, Tony escapes from the monotony of his day to day existence by throwing himself into the disco culture of the time, a world of sex, drugs, and dancing.

The urgency and desperation of its themes make this show more than a mere “disco musical”: its a story of sexual yearning and social aspiration, an exploration of one of the most important breaking points in a nation’s working-class identity.



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The English Theatre is an exploration area for bilingual learning. Make Saturday Night Fever part of your English lessons.

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