Sweeney Fun Quiz

1. What is the name of Mr. Todd's 'lost' love?
2. What is the name of the song Mrs. Lovett sings to tell Mr. Todd about her dreams?
3. Who is the beggar woman?
4. Sweeney Todd's real name is?
5. Toby's drink of choice is?
6. Who saved Sweeney on the ocean?
7. What are names of Sweeney's wife and child?
8. Who is Sweeney's archenemy?
9. Who is considered as the barber of kings in London?
10. What is the profession of Sweeney's landlady?
11. What's the name of the street where is Sweeney's shop situated?
12. What happened to Benjamin Barker's wife?
13. Who did Toby work for?
14. What does the Elixir smell like?
15. How does Mrs. Lovett die?
16. Who killed Lucy?
17. Our musical takes place in what metropolitan city?
18. According to Mrs. Lovett, why was Sweeney sent to prison?
19. Who is Mrs. Lovett's main competitor for meat pies in the Fleet Street area?
20. To establish Mr. Todd's reputation as a barber, who does he challenge to a tonsorial contest?
21. After Mr. Todd murdered O'Higgins, what happens to his simple minded assistant, Tobias?
22. To rescue Johanna, Sweeney sends Anthony disguised as what?
23. What are Mrs. Lovett's pies made of 'and nothing more'?
24. Why does Sweeney kill Mrs. Lovett?
25. How does Sweeney die?