Ustinov Theatre School

Dangerous Liaisons audio book

Dangerous Liaisons is a project of the Ustinov Theatre School Frankfurt and The English Theatre Frankfurt and was conceived by Gabrielle Staiger, Co-Director of the Ustinov Theatre School. The audio play marks the peak of a four month period of core study titled Stimme – Sprache – Sprechen, emphasizing training in voice, language and the dramatic act of speaking. With creating this core study Gabrielle Staiger intended to set a special challenge for the students: To learn how to create a character, to describe an atmosphere and to convey dramatic development of the storyline only through the use of the voice.

Absence of the body and all other visual aspects of theatre can lead to a very intimate relationship between the listener and a character of a play. One‘s fantasy and imagery are triggered on a very individual level.

Those who listen are seduced, seduced through their ear.
A rather different experience to a „regular“ theatre performance.